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Teimur Amiry

Amiry comes to us as a Master painter from distant lands where art has been the soul of humanity from the beginning of time. Born in Mached, Iran. Amiry learned to paint as he learned to walk and to talk. His style is in the sharply defined, opulent tradition of the artisan of his ancient and beloved Persia.

Leaving Persia where his famous portrait of the Empress hangs in the Royal Palace, Amiry decided to reside in Italy for a time to expand his life experiences while absorbed in painting and teaching. His mission accompli shed, Amiry then went to England where he was commissioned by Lord Beaverbrook and other prominent English people. Then, inevitably, he turned to the United States where his reputation had preceded him.

Amiry is represented in the collections of many major private collections, as well as in public and private galleries in Italy, Lebanon, France, Germany, England and many other countries throughout the world.

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