Design of Shoring wall 

-Temporary shoring wall:
Excavation more than 4 ft without delivering a safe place of work is prohibited by Cal-OSHA and during construction, sometimes it is necessary to have temporary shoring wall designed to create safe work environment.
– Permanent shoring wall
Permanent shoring wall with standard W shapes and or caissons with timber lagging could be designed to withstand Earth pressure and earthquake related loads. A 4″ cosmetic shotcrete with WWF could be added to finish surface of the wall to make a smooth and nice surface of the wall.


 Design of Soldier piles

Soldier piles are most commonly used to withstand surcharges of structures or earth pressure in landslide areas or in the case of ground movement in hillsides and sloped grounds. Soldier piles with mitigate the mentioned agitations and prevent the super structure from tilting or sliding.


Landslide and Slope Stability

Group of caisson piles could be designed to penetrate below slip surface of the slope and by providing anchorage and arching effect prevent potential failure in susceptible slopes.


Deep and Shallow foundations

Deep foundations are designed to transmit the loads of the structure to deeper ground levels with much higher bearing value or sometimes they are designed to withstand the loads only by friction forces (pile and soil interaction)


Retaining wall design

CMU retaining wall or concrete retaining walls with or without soil report could be designed either as part of structure or by hillside with or without surcharges. Proper drainage toward outlet will be provided.


Wood Frame residential/Commertial buildings

Design of light weight wood frame structures based on advanced software are available.


Costal commission report

Any construction work performed along coast side, needs to deliver a coastal commission report, investigation wave run up, variable water elevations, coastal bluff corrosion … etc.