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Lead Times Lead Times Thickness (inches) Layers Min Trace/Spacing Smallest Hole Size (mils) Individual Features

Please provide complete and accurate information as follows: This information is essential for generating a quote. If you do not have this information please contact our sales department at 714-685-0991.

  • Geber files for each layer. (top, bottom, signal, power, solder mask and silk). Preferred Format RD-274X . Will accept RS-274D and ODB++format.  All Gerber layers are viewed from top down.
  • Fabrication Print/Readme File A detail file specifying dimensions, board thickness, material type and copper weights,
    dielectric stack up, final finishes. Solder mask and Silkscreen Color, layer stackup for
    multilayers if applicable.
  • Excellon Drill File – ASCII or CNC Drill
  • Drill Drawing with tooling chart specifying tool size list, # of holes for each size and number of holes plated or non-plated

Please zip all files and email them to We will review your files and provide you a price quote within 2-4hrs

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